Monday, March 26, 2012

End of March Already

Goodness, where is the year going?  It's nearly Christmas again (well, not really....but it soon will be).....I haven't been a good little blogger lately, however I have been a wonderful little Swap Partner and emailer :)

I have, so far this year, taken part in 2 swaps - one being a Journal Swap organised by Cheryll.  This was a super fun swap - the criteria - a journal with a writing implement.  Lots of scope there huh?  Well, there was.....we could make of course a journal, or a binder or something just a little outside of the box.  The person we made for also was not necessarily the person we received from....I really liked that idea.  The person sending to me was Elaine....I did happen to mention I would love a binder to file all my bits of this and than torn out of magazines each time I have had a little cull........(you know how it is).....and this is what I received in the mail last week.......

Voila - a binder for Anne.....lots of hexies (my first ever anything with hexies)

And the upper hexagons have the letters to form the word IDEA's chain stitched on them.
Thank You Elaine - I shall have some filing done soon.

Aaaaand must apologise, I get too excited and forget to be a good little blogger and take photo's of Oz Post bags and prettily wrapped pressies.....yes, I'm a "Wow.....a pressie....." person - sounds of plastic and paper shredded before I even get inside.  My Material Girls friends will attest to that, even when its not my birthday night, I hint and suggest and possibly even nag about them hurrying to open their gifts!

My person to send to was the lovely Lisa......we had lots of email contact which added to the fun of creating for her.........I thought a little outside of the box with Lisas gift.......

'Looks like a normal kind of journal doesn't it?

But when you open it theres not really anything to write on......lots of pockets to put bits and pieces in prettied up with buttons, lace and yo-yo's....., and to ensure I met the criteria I added a fabric covered notebook.

I also made my first ever fabric flower to pretty it up a little......they are so easy and so effective and so much fun......I think I may have another addiction :)  Now I don't have a photo of the writing implement, but it may have looked something along the lines of a bright yellow goofy looking fluffy ostrich pen sitting on some yummo little easter eggs...........

Loved making and loved receiving - thank you Cheryll for organsing the fun.  I should also mention the journal idea came from Helen of Hugs n Kisses in a fairly antique copy of Country Threads.....with just a couple of minor changes as I wasn't as clever has Helen.

Now my second swap is something I'll just have to blog about again soon, along with 3 other easy cheat finishes to add to OPAM for March.  Time to go rescue the baking from the oven!