Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Nothing to add, the title says it all........yaaaaaayyyyy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Pre-Cut Party

So I've about you too?

Visit Sarah or Roseanne to sign up.......sounds like lots of fun!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Title

I was so going to be such a good blogger and post this last few days..........well, I'm a naughty little blogger but still alive and breathing.......just a little practise this space!  Take Care Everyone xoxox

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm a Lucky Girl

Lisa at Lydias Treasures organised a wonderful COLOUR swap - of course I just had to join......the rules of the game were to send our partner six pressies - one of which needed to be handmade.  We also got to choose the colour we would like the pressies to be based around - mine was yummy tomato/french reds and my swap partner was the beautiful Dzintra of Queen of the Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries

My parcel of treasures arrived exactly and perfectly at the end of 12 days straight at of course, anyone who knows me will know I quickly tore it open..........then remembered to grab the camera..........

laid all of the treasures wrapped in this pretty red paper with the most gorgeous sticky tape out like this..........

Then........I popped on my PJ's, grabbed a glass of Brown Brothers Cienna,  made myself comfy by the fire and began to open with very controlled excitement......

I did show remarkable restraint (for me), and opened the smallest parcel first - which revealed this gorgeous roll of twill tape with the word Vintage printed every few centimetres......

Second came these absolutely gorgeous little miniature wooden pegs with the cutest flowers attached.....then a block of yummy Lindt picture just in case any bloggy buddies are on the chocolate bandwagon - I'd feel incredibly guilty if I pushed any of you over the edge.....:)

Oh no, 3 down only 3 left.......the fourth parcel held this beautiful little pincushion........

The fifth

this absolutely delightful little needlecase - and if you flip them both over they look like this.....

and last but definately not least......a cute little pouch.........

 which when opened revealed a gorgeous little sewing pouch crammed with lovely bits and bobs

a tape measure, pencil, little clippers, thread and a lovely little Bless this House kit by Anni Downs

Each of the handmade items had a beautiful "Made for Me" label attached to them........

Wow Dzintra - I was soooo excited.....each and every item is absolutely nailed this swap in every possible way - I love the colours, love all the items and can finally boast a collection of sewing accessories that I absolutely love - and the ''Made for Me'' label on each of the handmade items definately made me feel all warm and fuzzy (or perhaps it was the 2nd glass of wine).......I have picked up my goodies several times today for a touchy feel and have begun to fill my pouch with my favourite tools of the trade!!  Thank you Dzintra - your gifts are perfect and I'm still excited!!

As for what I sent  - well, I have to admit I forgot to take a photo before heading to the Post Office, but I have pinched this photo from Dzintra's blog

Along with stitching, Dzintra loves to cook - her blog is a mixture of crafts and fine foods......Dzintra's chosen colours were "Soft Country", so a Christmas pincushion, a fabric covered notebook, Jamie Oliver tea towels and Bbq brush, a notepad alluding to diets paired with a bag of dusted jelly babies (yes, my sense of humour is a little warped), a Bareroots pattern book with 2 skeins of Threadworx threads, a little bundle of Tangled Threads fat 1/8 and a yummy smelling sachet of ......yummy smelling stuff :)

I must thank Lisa for organising the swap - it was lots of fun, not too much pressure and a wonderful way to make new friends!!

I think I may have an addiction now - I have to admit, I get a bit of a buzz heading off to the Post Office to send a parcel of goodies on its way - they say its always better to give than receive......and as much as I like to give......this girl just loves to find a parcel of goodies in her mailbox!!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friends With Benefits

My last post I shared what Sisbabe had sent to me for our Friends with Benefits swap organised by Kathy at Sew Happy was the first swap Kathy had ever organised, and she did a fantastic job.  Well done Kathy, and thank you!!

My swap partner likes contrasts and did as an example mention browns and pinks.....well, couldn't do browns and pinks however did find some Momo fabrics that I (in my not very contrast mind) did believe fitted into the category of contasts.  Sisbabe also likes lots of colour, and I think the fabrics I chose certainly packed a punch there!!!  I also purchased a Gail Pan pattern from Sarah's online store Patchwork Plus (button on her blog), which I have had an eye on for a long time......of course, I had to change it just a little (not necessarily the correct thing to do), so my block keeper came out looking a little different........

Gails original pattern has the stitchery turned applique'd or reverse appliqued onto the front cover - I'm still reasonably happy with how it turned out, however when I make one for myself I shall definately follow the pattern.

The pattern also included a pincushion and needlebook...........

...............and I also added a tape measure - easy peasy - a fabric flower encasing a Birch plastic retractable tape measure sandwiched with felt (leave a hole for the opening don't forget) and my ever trustworthy glue gun!! 

Then because I didn't think it looked ''quite enough'' I quickly put together a dilly bag which I found a tutorial for on Lurline's blog - thanks Lurline, the tutorial was so easy to follow and I just loved the batting base that makes it stand all on its own (no pellon at all in the bag sides).

So I think altogether it was a nice little parcel to send......I have to admit, I didn't particularly enjoy the colours I was working with but I believe I should probably now label myself a Swap Addict!

Best now go continue  Dzintra's "Colour" swap gift's organised by the lovely Lisa at Lydia's Treasures

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lots to Share

So this is going to be one long post :)  Where do I start?  Perhaps in date the Craft & Quilt Fair in Launceston last was my first ever quilt fair and also on the last day of my holidays.....wonderful way to finish almost 3 very relaxing weeks.  Lots and lots to drool over and equally as much to purchase......I was however, very restrained (only because I had a budget)!!!!!

The day began at 7am at  Kathy's house, then off to collect Christine and Di.   Road Trip!!!  First stop - the Raspberry Farm at Christmas Hills for breakfast - or should I say break-FEAST.....muffins, toast and raspberry jam, scrambled eggs, bacon and sweet potato hash browns.....ohhhhh my goodness - small serves were big enough to feed an army....and very delish!  Guess who didn't take a photo - doh!

Then off to the - there are so many talented people in this country.  The quilts were so impressive - (no photo's) and the stalls were equally so.  It was wonderful to see so many Tassie businesses there - and I finally got to meet the gorgeous Fee - her stall looked absolutely wonderful with lots and lots of lovely patterns and fabric, I just couldn't resist :)

I purchased this lovely tablerunner pattern and the prettiest fabric behind.  I think you should all visit Fee and check out her online shop also.......

Next purchase was from Blue Willow Cottage.........

A super cute teeny tiny rotary cutter and mat - perfect for cutting hexies (I've had the papers and template for a little while, but have not yet dabbled....they look rather addictive)....both items are super portable.  I also purchased a dresden plate template - dresden's have grown on me over the last couple of months, so I think I shall definately have to try my hand at making one or two!  The absolutely gorgeous chenille ric rac came from another stall, however I can't remember the name.

Later in the afternoon after much wandering, returning, umming and ahhhhing and completing our purchases, we slipped out to Esme's at Kings Meadows..........

...... I was delighted (read ecstatic) to find 2 more fabrics from the Fleur Rouge collection I blogged about a couple of posts's soooo pretty.  Of course I couldn't resist buying just a tiny bit more ric rac - I have such a thing for it at the moment.......its almost as addictive as fabric :)  I had a lovely day out with 3 gorgeous friends and can't wait for another road trip soon!

On Monday when I returned home from work I had this waiting for me.....I knew it was from sweet Friends With Benefits swap partner - you must understand that when I get a pressie in the post, I normally have the packaging ripped to shreds before I even step inside the front door.......I have showed much restraint with this gift to produce the appropriate photo's........

OK, so I may have had a little squeeze between the letterbox and the house.....

Ohhhhh I love pressies with ribbons.......and tissue easy is that to tear open quickly...

What a beautiful pouch......and on opening the zipper I found.......more pretty bows the tissue wrap (I was so excited by now)

The next pressie was this perfect piece of stitchery which opened out to.........

Isn't it lovely - Sisbabe's stitching is just perfect - AND the clever lady designed the stitchery herself.

A matching notebook to complete the set......and last but not least

this teeny 2 1/2 inch charm pack (I had no idea they came this little), which has lots of the lovely french reds I am in love with at the moment.

Sisbabe, my gifts are absolutely awesome - the words you chose were very meaningful to me........thank you for the TLC you put into each stitch!!!!  It's been wonderful getting to know you bouncing lengthy (very lengthy) emails off to each other....a true new blogging buddy!

Sisbabe on the other hand, is totally the opposite to myself.......her parcel arrived a day later than mine, but ohhhh nooooo, my new friend likes to look at the pretty wrap, and touch and squeeze and feel and play for waaaaay longer than I can manage........its almost 36 hours since the postie delivered to her door and she still hasn't opened it........can you imagine that......I'm going bonkers waiting.....I think secretly she is enjoying torturing me........what do you think?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nothing to Show

However, I'm very excited - have only 3 days left of holidays (boo), but the last day will be spent at the Craft Fair in Launceston (my first one ever).........can't think of a better way to wind up 19 wonderful days of annual leave!  Hows that for a teeny tiny post?  Happy Stitching xoxox

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Naughty Little Blogger

I have been the most terrible blogging person for the last few weeks.....I am almost at the end of my 2nd week of holidays and although I have been doing a fair bit of stalking, I have been very remiss when it comes to posting...............

I also cannot share any pictures of recent accomplishments (just yet) as they are for my not so secret swap partner......yes, you know who you are.....and my gorgeous swap buddy reads my  posts (albeit few and far between)..........sooooooooo, you'll just have to take me at my word that I have in fact been keeping myself amused.  It has been lovely bouncing emails back and forth to my Sisbabe and establishing a new blogging friendship!

However, I can share some piccy's of some gorgeous fabric.......a few posts ago I may have mentioned some fat quarters of Etchings that I just HAD to have.......then DD no2 fell in love with them and insisted I utilise them for her..........well, of course I really had to replace them with.........

Aren't they just so nice and feminine without being prissy.........the pattern has plain white fabric in the blocks, but I'm hopeful that the metreage under the jellyroll won't blend in too much.....if it does it will still be lovely.

Now, on the first week of my holidays I had a little trip to Wynyard to the Fabric Parcel..........ohhhhhh deeeeeeear, its such a lovely lovely lovely little shop.......

Whilst I was there, these little beauties caught my eye.............they are from a range by Anna Griffin (never heard of her until I fell in love with these) called Fleur Rouge........the colours are probably not shown well in this photo....but are they not lovely.....and just look at the patterns on the front 2 fabrics.......sheer gorgeousness!!!!  Now of course I have absolutely no idea what to make from these babies.......I would certainly welcome any suggestions.............:)  Until then I'll just have to fondle and gaze upon them and probably cry when the rotary cutter makes its first cut!

The old cat Jack has been very happy to have his Mumma home for a few days - like most of the quilty cats he does enjoy sitting on a pile of fabrics at my sewing table in the sunshine..............he's not particularly helpful at looking down the lense for me though.....

...........whereas this baby girl.....shes only too happy to oblige with a smile......she just wishes she could pile onto my sewing table too!

So that must be the end of todays post........the weather in Tassie is a little dismal today - drizzle but not cold - just dampish.  Best go play in front of the Janome for a short time before the kidlets return home from school.............Happy Sewing Ladies xoxoxo

Monday, March 26, 2012

End of March Already

Goodness, where is the year going?  It's nearly Christmas again (well, not really....but it soon will be).....I haven't been a good little blogger lately, however I have been a wonderful little Swap Partner and emailer :)

I have, so far this year, taken part in 2 swaps - one being a Journal Swap organised by Cheryll.  This was a super fun swap - the criteria - a journal with a writing implement.  Lots of scope there huh?  Well, there was.....we could make of course a journal, or a binder or something just a little outside of the box.  The person we made for also was not necessarily the person we received from....I really liked that idea.  The person sending to me was Elaine....I did happen to mention I would love a binder to file all my bits of this and than torn out of magazines each time I have had a little cull........(you know how it is).....and this is what I received in the mail last week.......

Voila - a binder for Anne.....lots of hexies (my first ever anything with hexies)

And the upper hexagons have the letters to form the word IDEA's chain stitched on them.
Thank You Elaine - I shall have some filing done soon.

Aaaaand must apologise, I get too excited and forget to be a good little blogger and take photo's of Oz Post bags and prettily wrapped pressies.....yes, I'm a "Wow.....a pressie....." person - sounds of plastic and paper shredded before I even get inside.  My Material Girls friends will attest to that, even when its not my birthday night, I hint and suggest and possibly even nag about them hurrying to open their gifts!

My person to send to was the lovely Lisa......we had lots of email contact which added to the fun of creating for her.........I thought a little outside of the box with Lisas gift.......

'Looks like a normal kind of journal doesn't it?

But when you open it theres not really anything to write on......lots of pockets to put bits and pieces in prettied up with buttons, lace and yo-yo's....., and to ensure I met the criteria I added a fabric covered notebook.

I also made my first ever fabric flower to pretty it up a little......they are so easy and so effective and so much fun......I think I may have another addiction :)  Now I don't have a photo of the writing implement, but it may have looked something along the lines of a bright yellow goofy looking fluffy ostrich pen sitting on some yummo little easter eggs...........

Loved making and loved receiving - thank you Cheryll for organsing the fun.  I should also mention the journal idea came from Helen of Hugs n Kisses in a fairly antique copy of Country Threads.....with just a couple of minor changes as I wasn't as clever has Helen.

Now my second swap is something I'll just have to blog about again soon, along with 3 other easy cheat finishes to add to OPAM for March.  Time to go rescue the baking from the oven!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's A Day Off

And this is what I have been doing..........

Now this is what I'm off to do for a very short time..........

..........and then it will be time to prepare tea!
Ohhh, and don't worry about the big hollow in the middle of the pav......all the more room for raspberries and cream :)

Happy Valentines!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reporting In

Well I can't say I have made much progress with much at all this week....I had a lovely day stitching last Sunday at home and then shared the evening crafting with my dear friend Kathy.  I played with Ruby a little (but she began to annoy me with all her little squares and sashings....just having a teeny tiny break before we destroy a wonderful friendship).  I turned my Rounneries Deux (spelling?) charm pack I was lucky to win from Perri into the half square triangles required for the Leanne Beasley pattern that was also part of Perri's giveaway, and have traced 3 (of 12) stitcheries onto the blocks.  Actually, when I read back on what I have just written I find I have accomplished more than I gave myself credit for - well done Anne!

Last weekend I needed to venture to a quilting shop to find just the perfect piece of red fabric for a very special somebody......well....this is what I came home with......

It does have a perfect piece of red fabric but unfortunately its not for my special friend.....I have fallen hopelessly and totally head over heels with the Etching's range.  I had seen photo's on the net which stirred my interest...but when I saw it in real life.....oh my goodness...I just had to have some!  Only a tiny little fat quarter bundle to touch and feel!  And of course zero guilt involved as there is just enough fabric there to make a whole project....justification at its absolute best!

I haven't forgotten you my 'special somebody' whom has requested red and white........

Just a teeny tiny sneak peak to spark a little excitement for Christine!

Do you ever have those days when you wonder if what you are doing is right and if it's all worth it?  I don't mean crafting......just anything?  I was having one of those on Thursday as I was heading to work....questioning, doubting and all the over analysing that you do when you feel a little flat...(OK, self indulgent pity party).........

And then came these................affirmation!

One of my amazingly gorgeous little workers (1 of about 60) who has been with us for 6 years was leaving that day.....and she thought of me......the card she wrote was so touching.....thanking me for the support I had given really brought it all home to me.....on a day I really needed it....yes, its worth it.   Now I must remember to pay it do my part in delivering encouraging words more never know.....I may just be the answer to someone elses "Is it all worth it" day!!!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

I had a few minutes last night where I did a little rotary cutting (no mood for cranking up the Janome) step of first sizeable finish for 2012 completed.....

72 squares lined up like little soldiers ready to be sewn together....

My husband (like most husbands) has a shed....however I don't believe a lot of husbands could lay (excuse the pun) claim to what he finds waiting for him each afternoon when he returns from work...

Of course, all real sheds have a comfy chair to chill out in......seems that 2 of our hens think like that also....they love to have a pressie for their male Mumma awaiting his return.......I love chooks - they each have their own unique personality....some may think I'm crazy, but some (well strongly hoping)  may think I'm not!!!

And finally for today I can share some piccy's of what I sent my Santa Sack partner...although I didn't take any pic's if you follow this link.....and scroll waaaaaayyyyy down to the bottom (Nomes had more than 1 swap partner and she did amazingly well in the gift department), you can see what I posted to pop her her sack. 
I'm very very pleased Nomes enjoyed what she received - it was my first online swap - and now I think I'd like to be involved in another - it was fun creating for someone else without knowing too much about them and using fabrics that I ordinarily wouldn't for myself.

On that note, I should attack some housework - on extended trade for the next 2 days, so best take advantage of some morning time around home and get some housecleaning done..ugh!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On a Roll

Lots of chain piecing............that was after the unpick :)

Oh Dear

Have you ever gone off on your own tangent, powered ahead and not read the instructions properly.......ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!!  At least I haven't cut anything out wrong.....just sewn it together missing the sashings between the, wheres my quick unpick..?

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

2nd January 2012 - and I have two finishes - wooooohoooo - (and pictures also).......

Firstly, this one should have been finished before December 25 - yes, too much procrastinating :)  So instead of displaying it proudly I'll have to pack it away in the Christmas box until next year.......
It's a really cute design from.............bother, can't remember (and the pattern is in the granny flat)....I will find out tomorrow and add it to my post.

My next finish is related to my last post - I have a nice journal cover encompassing a book of currently empty the end of the year it will be full of events from this year.....
It's made from a yummy Whimsicals fabric (must be quite an old range as I've had this piece of fabric for a few years now just waiting for the right project.  I'm currently nuts about ric rac, so of course it had to have some....a yummy button (I think its bamboo), some cute little charms attached to the little leather ties, and a leather bookmark with a little heart charm attached (yes, cut that one off in the photo) looks a little crooked on the bottom but nothing that won't come out with a good press....was a tad too excited to be bragging blogging already :)

My handsome husband just asked me if my blogging ''rules'' are the same as the fishing blog....what would that rule be?...."If theres no pictures it didn't happen" honey - blogging ladies don't need rules - just someone to chat to!

Time to go journal!