Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nothing to Show

However, I'm very excited - have only 3 days left of holidays (boo), but the last day will be spent at the Craft Fair in Launceston (my first one ever).........can't think of a better way to wind up 19 wonderful days of annual leave!  Hows that for a teeny tiny post?  Happy Stitching xoxox


Sarah said...

19 Days off! Gosh, you wont know what hit you when you go back lol!
Going to the Fair Fri? Might see you there......
x Sarah
PS: looking forward to seeing some finishes from you SOON girly lol

Beeshebags said...

I almost blinked and missed it! Did you have fun at the Craft Fair? How exciting you must've been. Oh wait, if I read your post again....I see that you don't go till Friday...Have lots of fun, if you're going to buy stuff....shop around...wear comfy shoes...take some refreshments with you (to save on spending on food...for spending on craft!) and make sure to take bags....alot of booth/stall holders have stopped taking plastic bags so you might find it hard to carry your purchases if you don't have your own bag....better still take yourself a shopping trolley! Hugs Nomesie xxx

Beeshebags said...

How was the Craft Fair? I hope you had heaps of fun, and gained lots and lots of inspiration hun.

Nomesie xxx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

That's a great end to the holidays...hope it was lots of fun and you did lots of shopping!!!

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