Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution

Happy New Year (for tomorrow of course).....

I haven't made a resolution for quite some years (that I've been able to achieve that is), but I believe this year I should and I can!!!

This year shall be about me........... (well, as much as a working Mum with 4 other loved members in the immediate family can pull off)....

This year I shall make myself some gorgeous items (as opposed to procrastinating or becoming sidetracked).  I shall also blog about abovementioned gorgeous items including pictures so each of my blogging buddies can also appreciate with me the gorgeous items I shall create.  And of course, by sharing more I can then absorb the encouraging comments that are left for me which will motivate me to organise my time better and keep going!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!

Blogging is great - although I don't post a lot, I have my favourite sites that I follow (aka stalk) and I am continually blown away by the close friendships that have grown and are maintained in cyberspace - people who genuinely care for and are interested in each other's lives - quite often people who have never met in the flesh, yet offer encouragement and support when needed and share celebrations when good things happen!!!!

So, thats my physical challenge - I do also have a character building resolution.....methinks one I should keep to myself for now - hopefully (definately) by the end of 2012 I can share my personal growth and you can all celebrate the good things that have happened with me.....I shall journal this progression in a beautifully covered book that will be made this weekend while I have 4 days off......picture following :)

Have a safe New Years Eve everyone - may 2012 bring abundance, blessings and much happiness to each of my readers and your families.

Hmmmmmm, so what fabric's shall I start with....................?


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Blogging Friends

Merry Christmas to all who read my blog.  My your day be amazing and 2012 a year of achieving dreams with an abundance of blessings!

Annie xoxoxo

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas at My House

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..................

I recently participated in a Christmas swap and the 15th was the day we got to open our pressies...this is what I received from my partner.....a tote bag with a matching zipper pouch, a nice sewing pouch with a notebook in matching fabric, some fairy dust, a second cute little notebook, a teabag pouch, a crocheted teatowel, another little needle case along with a little bag of cute labels. 

I must add that Nomesie sent me a couple of tempter pressies that I was allowed to open earlier - a bookmark, a little owl scissor fob and some lovely address stickers that she made herself....there are piccy's on earlier posts of mine if you would like to take a peek.  Thank you Naomi - they're lovely. I haven't seen you online for some time, so I hope you have received your box of goodies and enjoy opening them also.

Christmas in retail is gearing up......we have our Christmas tree up at home, but have not got a lot of anything else accomplished yet.  I hope to publish another post before Christmas day, but if I don't then I wish all of my blogging buddies a wonderful Christmas full of fun, good food and copious amounts of love and a safe and Happy (lets add prosperous as well) New Year.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Spring Sunday

Good Morning All My Wonderful Blogging Buddies!  Isn't Spring absolutely divine - my 2 year old Crabapple tree is ready to burst into pretty pink flowers........

My herbs are sprouting....(although they have been hit by a couple of nasty nasty frosts)........

The new veggie garden beds pictured were a pressie from my husband and guys rock!

 My fungal's......well, have a peek for yourself........

I'm thinking Beef & Mushroom pies for tea tomorrow night:)

Or if these guys got their act together.......

I could have quiche and salad!!!!

Since my last post I have managed to have a birthday, and the Material Girls group did extremely well in making me beautiful items.  I decided on a spots & stripes theme and this is what I got......

A flossie from Lindy, a cute little pouch with yo-yo's from Chrisine (which my rotary cutter has moved into), a key fob from Vicki (sitting alongside my NZ keyring....yes, the Mighty All Blacks Rule!), a sunglasses pouch from Rosemary and a gorgeous little cushion from Christine.

Close up warranted of course.......
The girls even went over and beyond by wrapping above gifts in appropriately themed paper also.......they're legends!

My Christmas Swap partner sent me an ''unexpected''.......the postie delivered a yellow envelope with a lovely owl sticker on the back.......and when I opened it I found..............

2 sheets of lovely stickers with my name & address on the side (not very good photo's sorry Naomi, but I didn't really want my humble abodes position on the www)....Naomi tracked the bag picture down from my blog and printed all these gorgeous I'll just have to start sending stuff snail mail!!!  They were supposed to be part of my Santa Sack, but someone just couldn't wait......feel free to not wait anytime you want Chickadee!!!!!

Also, Naomi put us bloggers onto a giveaway (love you Nomesie) by the lovely Perri.....well, I decided to enter......and look what's coming to my house................

Thank you Perri.....its gorgeous - can't wait for it to arrive :)

And finally, a beautiful young lady by the name of Ruby came to live with me.............

The large piece of green fabric actually has little white dots all over camera did not pick that up.  These came from Sarah's online shop......Sarah has some pretty awesome stuff.

So thats it for me today......I have a few projects underway, but some are secret womens business, so no photo's of those................hope you are all thinking of Christmas and beginning to get organised.......I am thinking ...........and organisation...........well lots of Annies Dreaming going on :) 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yummy Giveaway

But its not mine.......Perri is having an absolutely beautiful giveaway over here.........

 Pretty yummy methinks :)  Giveaway closes Monday night.....good luck everyone..........and thank's Perri!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Jenny of Elefantz has a great giveaway - click on the button below and join in the fun :)

Can't figure out how to get the link on the piccy....try this instead...
Seriously need a blogging lesson!!!!  Good luck in the competition!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Hi Everyone,

I have been such a slacko when it comes to blog posts.  Have become a regular stalker of several awesome ladies, but for myself .....posting mojo definately depleted.

However.....yesterday I had an amazing parcel arrive in the mail and today I must give the the provider of these awesome goodies the acknowledgement she so rightly deserves.......yes Nomes.....that would be you.

I have singed up to a Christmas Swap.  The guidelines of this swap were/are: 

Make a Santa Sack and send it with 2 wrapped pressies (not to be opened until Christmas Morning).  Then each month, 2 more goodies should be posted to our partners (or some of us...3 months at once) and in December we add something Christmassy that takes a little more effort to organise.......easy peasy hey? 

So, a couple of months ago, my first parcel arrived from the wonderful Naomi

Naomi listed 2 of her likes as being Owls and the colour Purple..........

Then yesterday my big parcel came (Nomes is now in front by a month) which looks a little like this:

Doesn't it look pretty......with Nome's trademark......purple and owls........

Now, some of you may be thinking......haaaaaang on a minute.....if the pressies are not to be opened until Christmas, why do we see some goodies clearly on show?

That would be because the wonderful Naomi popped 2 pressies in my Christmas card that I was allowed to open yesterday.....just to tantalise (or perhaps torture).
I am now the proud owner of a lovely silver beaded and owled bookmark and a cute little owl keyring.....I think I'll use him as a scissor fob :)

Thanks Naomi, sigh.........still such a long time to wait for opening day.

Here is my santa sack I sent to Naomi....I had lots of fun making it and I know she loved it.

Have to go and collect a child......quickly......hope all are well who read my post...have a great weekend everyone xoxoxoxox

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jo's Giveaway

Just a blogging buddy Jo is having a giveaway (its pretty gorgeous too)......slip on over and have a peek

Thanks Jo....and have an awesome weekend

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stay Tuned

....I can feel a blog post coming on........:)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing Since May 1st

Goodness, that must be a record - there is no way I could possibly have been quiet for this long...May 1 - thats like 2 and a bit months ago.  Keep this up and its going to be a very long time until my 200th post giveaway :)

Well, firstly it is winter.....however, about a month ago we had beautiful weather up here on the coast, so myself, hubby, kids, grandie and dog decided to head for the beach......this is how they amused themselves once we got there.  Yes, the girls do pick on the boy!!!!  This technically is winter, so really - who needs to move to the Gold Coast?  Not us Taswegians!!!

 Aha, now you are thinking I have managed many many many finishes over the last couple of months - well, yes I have several, but not this many.  I was priveleged enough to be invited to join a Co-op named Creative Hands in Burnie which opened 2 weeks ago.  There are several very talented people (and woo-hoo, I am considered 1 of, headswell, wow) who are creating all sorts of lovely handmade items which are now on sale in a gorgeous little shop located in Mount St (almost opposite Target) up a little laneway beside the Baptist church.    It's all very exciting.  There is something in there for everyone.......
 Lots of brights for adults and kidlets
 More feminine, girly, country stuff..........
Shabby....ish.......................and I am really bad, I forgot to turn around and take piccy's of the beautiful handmade tiled mirrors, painted tiles,painted pots, knitting (for littlies to biggilies) - cardi's, jumpers, booties, beanies, mittens!  There is also some beautiful timbercrafted items....clocks crafted from timber burls, turned biro's from gorgeous Tassie timbers.  I shall go in next week and photograph the remaining side of the shop - how could I have not done that? Maybe because I am the sticky note queen, and hadn't sticky noted the camera!!!!

The best part of the Co-op is all profits made after 12 months less operating expenses will be donated to a charity of choice by the members.  So come on my Blogging Buddies - spread the word and if you are looking for that special gift for a special someone...........I'm sure we will have something!

Now for my finishes - well, I do have some, but I haven't photographed them...I do believe if you zoom on the picture above, you may see some....peek a boo a couple of tablerunners, fabric notebooks and a Santa Sack swap I am in......which I'll blog later today with a sent and received piccy.....Until then.........xoxoxoxox

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Little Later Than Tuesday

Lots to tell but where to start? Firstly, here are some piccys of my latest acquisitions.

 I did purchase some of this range and posted a photo a few weeks ago, so this is more to add to it..(I promise, its not the same photo), however I'm wondering if what I purchased it for is what I will actually use it on...........decisions, decisions.

To add to that, I now the proud owner of some lovely Wild Rose fabrics.....had thought I would attempt the Homespun BOM, however, it looks to be a project for someone who is very diligent with lots of time.  I unfortunately am defunct in both those areas.....and if I don't see finishes, I get quite disheartened and add another UFO to my growing collection.  The right project will come along soon enough - that also gives me more time to add to the collection bit by bit - definatley need some of the blues.  I've always been a bit of a 'rich country' colours girl, but my tastes are certainly changing.....I would never have bought these fabrics a year or two ago.  It's good :)

Also have a lovely Christmas pattern - my phone doesn't take very good detailed photo's, but it consists of 3 lovely little Christmas stitcheries made into a lovely wall hanging.  Prairie Points on the bottom with cute little rusty bells hanging from each one.  Love the fabrics I have to make it out of.

Add to my purchases, not 1, nor 2 or 3 or even 4 but 5 metres of fabric of different shades for stitchery backgrounds....have enough for the remainder of my life now methinks.  Did take a photo, but it looks pretty boring - we'll just have to wait until I paint pretty pictures with needle and thread to make it look gorgeous.

Add to that I have joined a Christmas swap - first month is to send a santa sack along with 2 little pressies, then each month 2 more little gifts which when received must be placed unopened within the sack (will need to hand to husband to stash for me) and left there until Christmas morning.......its going to be fun!  The items don't have to be all Christmas either, so have a large scope to play with.  My swap lady has very different tastes to myself.  This is good, if I have to play around with fabrics I wouldn't ordinarly choose for myself I may broaden my likes even more - nothing quite like stepping outside the comfort zone.

Mammoth meltdown in last post was averted by having a few days off from silly starts and their silly points - not really, do love star blocks.  Headed back to my shed (aka granny flat) and got stuck into them again today.  Have only 1 complete, but started a production chain today and am around a third of the way through another 6.  This will be a 'days off only' project as the poor old eyes are not what they used to be (now thats an admission) and I found that proper daylight helps me line those seams up a lot easier.  Will upload pictures next post and get some advice from you wonderfully talented ladies on how I should join these together.

Well, on that note I must go and rest the weary body - it's almost midnight.  Kids back to school tomorrow, I have a day off and an evening with the Material Girls.  Life is good - so blessed!!!


Friday, April 22, 2011


Darn Star of Hope blocks and their silly little points!!!  Couldn't possibly be my inaccuracy.

More later if I don't have a mammoth meltdown!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ok, Here I am.............

A very special someone said to me the other day - and I quote - "I've been looking at your blog and there's not a lot going on......" - well - just a little quick post to say I am still in the land of the living, continuing with a little hand stitching of an evening and hopefully - no, lets make that definately - will load a piccy of a finish on Tuesday (day off for working the weekend).  It may be a slight little 'cheat finish' - like a UFO from last year that only needs 3 tiny tasks to complete - but it still counts :)

So, to all my lovely blogging friends......have a wonderful Sunday and see you all Tuesday xoxoxox

P.S. - is there a limit on how many piccy's to a post......have bought some yummy fabrics - lots to show..............................haven't I Christine? I'll see you Wednesday! xoxox

Friday, April 1, 2011

Empty Granny Flat

Feeling a little flat tonight - put my dear old Dad on the plane back to N.Z. this afternoon........had a sook.....still feel a bit weepy (I know - toughen up)! 

The only upside (if you can call it that), is I now have my granny flat back and can go and sew up a storm (which I definately need to do as I have zero, nil, diddly squat OPAM finishes for March)....yes, have let the side down.  Guess I'm going to have to work way harder in April to make up for it.  Just for the record tho, I'd give my sewing room up anyday for my Dad.

Went for a big cruise up the Tamar (well, not on a boat but in the legendary Camry) - went up to Greens Beach then the touring route back down the river to the city.  Don't know why, but for some reason I was sure there was a quilt shop in Beaconsfield (went into 2 shops to ask directions) and left rather puzzled.....then as we drove across the Batman Bridge I remembered it was in Georgetown (no, my blonde locks are not natural).....didn't make it that far though - but did get into Calico Cottage Crafts (hope I got the name right) in Exeter......could have spent lots and lots of time and lots and lots of money (having husband and father waiting patiently in car curbed that) - but did walk out with a lovely Lynette Anderson pattern for a journal and hexagon purse - and met Pauline :)  It was a lovely day!!  (Going to have to learn how to add links in my text).

Well, best be finished - Wonderful Hubby is serving up dinner.......after which I shall google 'how to make hexagons'.........have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you all Monday night my lovely Material Girl friends (have the day off - may even manage a cake) xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Favourite Place on Earth

Hi Blogging Buddies......I have been playing tourist guide to my Kiwi rellies and yesterday came across the most magical place on earth - Ocean Beach near was a real beach on the edge of a real ocean - am so used to enjoying the beaches at the bottom of the lovely Bass Strait I had truly forgotten how magnificent uninterrupted ocean waves are........

My new favourite camping spot shall be Macquarie Heads, new favourite beach walk will be Ocean Beach and new favourite quilting shop will be in Strahan........just need to win that first division and open one down there :)

This is my Dad and his wife - anyone who knows my "Days of Our Lives" saga understands how special this visit is to me. 
Today we went tripping around the murals at Sheffield and came across this man who was sitting in the main street with his Alpacca.....probably can't see real well, but she wore a collar with a donations box attached.  She (or he), did quite well out of the family :)  Wanted to slip her into the boot and bring her golden retriever would have loved her.

So, given this is a 'quilting blog' I guess I had best pop some piccy's up of what I have been trying to do..................

Have managed to make a start on these 3 blocks (decided to stitch all the words first and play with the piccy's last...........

These are 5 more traced

And these are the final 4 still to be traced...............and stitched too I guess

And these yummy fabrics will make up the quilt.......Christine suggested Churn Dash blocks in between....I think I like the sound of that :)

Then again......I do have those lovely Tangled Threads fabrics to use.................

Having a quiet day at home tomorrow, then off up the Tamar on Thursday including stop off's at Beaconsfield and Exeter......husband has assured me I'll have time for a little visit to quilting shops.....yay!

Time to flicking between the blog window and the N.Z.vs Sri Lanka World Cup Cricket match and losing a bit of focus.........Go the Mighty Black Caps. 
Until next time Lovely Ladies xoxoxox

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Catch Up

Well, have been busy stitching away tonight - almost finished a block - will take some piccy's of 'stitched' and 'to be stitched' over the weekend and upload.  Had an interesting week, 2 days of First Aid training, 2 days in Melbourne at a conference and 4 days of excruciating toothache and Panadeine Extra.  Paid the tooth back today by having it removed - now just have a little discomfort and a few longer feel like a fogged up zombie and the cheerful chattery Annie is returning - yay!!!!!  Now on holidays until Tuesday week - heading off to Strahan with the parents for an overnighter, the Tamar for a day trip (perhaps a couple of quilt shop stops) and a relaxing wander around Sheffield on Wednesday...then off the the airport Friday for some emotional goodbyes :(  Must finish my block roll this weekend or no OPAM finish for March..........on that note.......Bedtime.  Have a great weekend Lovely Ladies xoxox

Monday, March 21, 2011

No Mondayitis for Annie today

Well, my alarm has just gone (6:00am) off telling me it's the beginning of the new working week.....but today I had 'payback' (in a very warped sense) on the alarm.  You see, I had already been up an hour and a half......hubby's alarm awakens us at 5:45am, but I was up at 4:40am (woke from one of those bizzare dreams that never lets you go back to sleep, or if you do the dream continues) - soooooo, to cut a long story short (and ensure no continuation of the bizarre saga) I jumped out of bed, had my morning coffee, showered, organised school lunches and thennnn.......stitched for a whole hour.  It was luuuuverllllly.  Quiet and still, a little drizzle on the colourbond for company added to by the purring cat and an extremely happy golden retriever cosy in her bed watching me with faithful eyes.  What a life!  The only downside, I could possibly be wanting to have a little granny nap after lunch at First Aid training today......hope nobody thinks I've passed away and substitutes me for the CPR dummy.....or if they do, I hope he's cute.....Happy Monday Blogging Friends :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost an Achievement

It's Saturday night, 10:40pm and I am pooped.....but had to 'blog' to 'brag' before bed!  I have - wait for it - traced 8 of 12 (thats more than half) blocks for a cute little stitchery quilt.  Yaay!!!  I'm thinking I will have to finish my thingo that is on a tube that you roll your blocks up in real soon (yes I know it has a name, just can't quite put my finger on that at the moment) - only need to bind and glue and make the covers for the end - then at least, I shall have 1 OPAM finish for Feb.....not that good an average huh?  Think next month I shall make a block keeper bookie thingo (yes, I know - that probably has a name too) to store my stitchery blocks in.  Enough procrastinating - time to sleep and for Annie to Dream.  Night Lovely Ladies :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yay - it's finally the weekend.

Too tired to compose a message - just a big smile.

Have a lovely one all who read :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need to Get a Wriggle On

Just a super quick post - rellies have arrived safely and settled in.  Just realised today is the 12th (actually in 1 hour and 10 mins it will be the 13th - arrrrrrgh) and I am not even close to a finish for the month.  Two more days off before returning to work, so am just going to have to get something happening.  All positive comments and words of encouragement appreciated!!!!!

Hope all you ladies are well....enjoy the long weekend. xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, I have been quite busy - although not busy in a crafting kind of way :(  I have family coming from N.Z. for 3 weeks and have turned the granny flat into some real accommodation....that was a task and a half - but a good task!  Unfortunately my quite organised sewing cupboard is no longer - have stuffed fabric (and other bits and pieces) in there everywhere - hopefully they won't open the doors to have a peek at whats inside...or maybe I'll just fess up when I show them their bedroom - that may save them from being buried alive in the avalanche that is bound to happen if the wardrobe door is not opened in a very specific, careful manner.

I have been checking out all of the OPAM ladies blogs with my 'night night' cup of tea the last couple of evenings - a very pleasant way to end the day.  Sooooo many clever ladies out there.

I did last week get myself a very special little pressie........

Some really yummy fabrics from Whimsicals called Tangled Threads.  The fabric in the foreground is actually a really pretty kinda muddy green, but not really muddy.........

And its still not the right colour in this one either.......drat, stupid phone camera.  It's absolutely gorgeous fabric - a lovely bundle of fat 1/8th's, 2 metres of the blue for border, the lovely red and green (yes, it truly is green) is for inner borders and the fabric right at the back (which in real life looks like it's been aged in patches with parisienne) is for some stitchery. 

It has lovely little sewing machines over some of the pieces (this photo is the green fabric also grrrrrr), lovely quilting words and primitive looking buttons.......Just love it!
Only one problem now.......I have to find just the right project for it.  Thats OK though, because at the moment I still get immense please from picking it up, turning it over, running my fingers over it and playing the 'touchy feely' game with it.  Such simple pleasures.

I've also surprised myself and found another range of pretty fabrics that again the colourway's aren't what I would necessarily gravitate towards.....must be old age - but Blackbird Designs Beach House, or Lake House or something Watery House is fairly yummy........I think I can feel another treat in store - or the mailbox :)

So on that note, I'll now go boil the kettle for my evening cuppa, check out a couple more blogs and mosey off to bed.  Hugs Everyone xoxoxox

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Off Monday :)

It's 'Day Off Monday' and a chilly one at that.  Kids are at school, husband at work and the house is soooooo peaceful.  Unfortunately I do need to go out this morning, but the positive of that will be having lunch with my Shaz after the morning is out of the way.

Have accomplished quite a bit this weekend - cleaned, baked, washed, ironed etc and also found some time to do some stitching.  Here is a photo of what this looked like last week.........tadaaaaaaa......

And this is what it looks like now.........

Hmmmm, thats not the way it was facing when I took the piccy :).  Still need to sew the binding on the needle case and of course finish the large stitchery and make the bag.......not long now though :

Also managed to begin....wait for it........and finish........ two tiny projects for our Material Girls birthday gal's.......can't upload piccys of those until next week though in case they just happen to peek.....Yes Christine and Vicki....they would be you:)

So on that note I should hop off the computer and get a wriggle on as its 9:20 and I have to be where I am going at 10:00am....ooops.

To all those that read.....have a lovely day/week......until next time xoxoxoxox

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craft Deprived

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks.  Last week was getting back to the routine of lunch boxes, packing school bags and 3 sleepy Little Me's not appreciating the rude awakening at 6.30am for school.....I was late for work by a few minutes only once, so quite an achievement.  Then of course at the end of the day it's homework, reading, listening to the days events and trying to get the 3 Little Me's into bed early enough for them not to be so sleepy the next day......roll on end of Term One!!!

Stitching has been a little neglected these last few days - enjoyed our first Material Girls of the year last Monday night and it was lovely to catch up with those who were able to attend.....missed the girls and their pretty projects.  The only thing I have managed is to drop a few stitches into a small piece of fabric when I've been able to grab a few minutes from the craziness of return to school and the long stretch of my three week roster.  Worked this weekend, so next weekend is my three day luxury...and the blessing in all of that - on the Monday the 3 Little Me's are at school - finally a day to myself....woooohoooooo :)

Next post will definately have a photo or two of some projects - finished or not.  Hope all who read this are happy and well.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

One More Day

Well it's Thursday evening and only one more day until........the weekend!  Wooooohoooooo!  Have had an incredibly 'slack' week thus far.....traced off a stitchery pattern which still yet to is to have it's first stitch stitched - (spending waaaaaaay too much time on the net exploring Blogland).  My excuse is .........wait for is only my 2nd week back at work and a tad too brain strained ......add to that, 3 Little Me's to organise for back to school next week.  Does that reasoning have any credibility?  :)  It has been way more enjoyable cruising the world wide web in a vegetated mode looking at other ladies absolutely awesome creations.  I've been viewing the most beautiful blogs, clicking on 'buttons' (adding them to mine) and finding some amazingly talented and generous ladies out there!  Can't wait to get back in front of my little Janome this weekend (in between haircuts, surf lessons, uniform hemming (super ugh), groceries, baking, chores and whatever else my 3 Little Me's need).  Next of WIP or WIP's .....unfortunately fairly confident it won't be a Finish......but then again, one never knows.  In the meantime have a luuuuuverllllly weekend everyone xoxox

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Well, clearly by the title of today's blog it is Sunday afternoon.....and a very hot one to boot!  I'm guessing this time next Sunday afternoon I'll be frantically hemming Naomi's school dress (what did I read the other day.....'asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint the exterior of a house'), ensuring Jordan actually has 5 pairs of matching socks (even though they've never been worn) and double checking that Alanna actually does have everything she needs in her school bag....not to mention mourning that, although I have worked most of the holiday's, I also have had a lovely little break from getting up that extra 45 mins earlier to pack lunch boxes, serve up breakfast etc before walking out the door. 

So now onto my achievements this week with my craft.............ummmmm, errrrrrrrr...  Just need to admit that I have not actually stitched a lot (have pieced most of a small quilt for Jordan - really basic - 2 fabrics, 6 inch squares (blue) and 5 inch squares (red with an inch of black border) to join alternating in rows with a 6 inch border.....rows completed, border to add.  It's a bit tricky to find novelty fabric that is suitable for an 11 year old.....these are just pirates skulls that he liked.  The Queensland quilts set him off on an "I want a quilt Mum" tangent. Bless him!

I also joined the OPAM group (One Project a Month) which is really good because now I have accountability to others for the challenge I have laid myself on my blog.  I am also very excited at the prospect of meeting online ladies from other parts of the world who share the same interest and peeking at their projects also.  Cannot wait to be up and running.

Have also begun to gather a wish list for this year.....several small projects (just to make sure I can upload at least one completion a month), three long time UFO's and I would love to make a stitchery quilt....nothing too looking for a nice pattern on the net of an evening.  I'm thinking I will also tackle a couple of dolls this year, so got myself organised this week and soaked a couple of metres of calico in parisienne which is now tucked away for when the time is right. Such organisation is scarey for me. :)

On that note, I really should depart and attack some chores I have neglected to start this weekend.  Have a lovely week Ladies and remember "Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much" xxxxxxx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Bow Bag

Well, I am feeling rather proud of myself today....have finally finished my "Little Bow Bag" - it's so cute.  The pictures aren't that wonderful as the only camera that lives in the house (since mine met an untimely death) is currently at Camp with Miss Middle Child.

The pattern is a Whistlepig Creek pattern which came from Christine's shop.  It has a really cute bow (which is elastic threaded through a casing and the fabric gathered on the end). 

The little bit you sew across the corners to make a base is actually turned up on the outside of this bag with a cute little button feature.  Mmmmmm, buttons - I have never had a button collection, but I think I may need to start one :)

I always follow the pattern instructions (not quite confident enough to try my own way yet), but because it has a cute little pocket on the front and the back I decided to save time (just in case I began to procrastinate) and not put any on the inside......of course, now that it's complete I wish I had. 

So now I have 2 great accomplishments (actually 3) today. 

         1.     Completing my pretty little bag.

         2.     I've uploaded pictures and managed to write in's actually quite easy isn't it?

         3.     I also managed to begin a 2011 Finishes list on my blog (quite an achievement for an IT        illiterate) which now has 2 entries underneath.

Feeling pretty chuffed :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, its the eve of my return to work after having a lovely 3 weeks off with the kids and a few days with my so chilled out!!!!  Weather has been a little inclement but that has probably worked to my quilting advantage.  My friend Kathy and I got together and made 4 kids quilts to send to Qld (took a few days to get the binding on them all) and I myself have completed 2 small UFO's and almost finished a little bag for myself.  Have been considering ways to train myself to dream (ok, procrastinate) less and accomplish more......I am going to take a leaf out of Christine's book and do a little hand stitching each evening (in between kids, housework and organising the family) and use my machine only on my days off - in theory that will work quite well.  I am so inspired by the Material Girl's ladies and what beautiful items they create, my challenge to me this year is at the end of each month upload a photo to my blog of one item I have begun and finished.....another challenge will be to figure out how to actually get a photo on here :)  So, stay tuned ladies......there should be a picture of my beautiful little bag online within the next to start thinking about what I should be making next month............