Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Well, clearly by the title of today's blog it is Sunday afternoon.....and a very hot one to boot!  I'm guessing this time next Sunday afternoon I'll be frantically hemming Naomi's school dress (what did I read the other day.....'asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint the exterior of a house'), ensuring Jordan actually has 5 pairs of matching socks (even though they've never been worn) and double checking that Alanna actually does have everything she needs in her school bag....not to mention mourning that, although I have worked most of the holiday's, I also have had a lovely little break from getting up that extra 45 mins earlier to pack lunch boxes, serve up breakfast etc before walking out the door. 

So now onto my achievements this week with my craft.............ummmmm, errrrrrrrr...  Just need to admit that I have not actually stitched a lot (have pieced most of a small quilt for Jordan - really basic - 2 fabrics, 6 inch squares (blue) and 5 inch squares (red with an inch of black border) to join alternating in rows with a 6 inch border.....rows completed, border to add.  It's a bit tricky to find novelty fabric that is suitable for an 11 year old.....these are just pirates skulls that he liked.  The Queensland quilts set him off on an "I want a quilt Mum" tangent. Bless him!

I also joined the OPAM group (One Project a Month) which is really good because now I have accountability to others for the challenge I have laid myself on my blog.  I am also very excited at the prospect of meeting online ladies from other parts of the world who share the same interest and peeking at their projects also.  Cannot wait to be up and running.

Have also begun to gather a wish list for this year.....several small projects (just to make sure I can upload at least one completion a month), three long time UFO's and I would love to make a stitchery quilt....nothing too looking for a nice pattern on the net of an evening.  I'm thinking I will also tackle a couple of dolls this year, so got myself organised this week and soaked a couple of metres of calico in parisienne which is now tucked away for when the time is right. Such organisation is scarey for me. :)

On that note, I really should depart and attack some chores I have neglected to start this weekend.  Have a lovely week Ladies and remember "Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much" xxxxxxx


Vicki said...

Good to see you blogging away there, Anne :) Better than me at the moment. I'm just reading and commenting. Better do a big post tonight as I have some show and tell and also OPAM stuff.

Annie said...

Yes, do blog tonight so I can peek! I am such a sticky beak :)

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