Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Bow Bag

Well, I am feeling rather proud of myself today....have finally finished my "Little Bow Bag" - it's so cute.  The pictures aren't that wonderful as the only camera that lives in the house (since mine met an untimely death) is currently at Camp with Miss Middle Child.

The pattern is a Whistlepig Creek pattern which came from Christine's shop.  It has a really cute bow (which is elastic threaded through a casing and the fabric gathered on the end). 

The little bit you sew across the corners to make a base is actually turned up on the outside of this bag with a cute little button feature.  Mmmmmm, buttons - I have never had a button collection, but I think I may need to start one :)

I always follow the pattern instructions (not quite confident enough to try my own way yet), but because it has a cute little pocket on the front and the back I decided to save time (just in case I began to procrastinate) and not put any on the inside......of course, now that it's complete I wish I had. 

So now I have 2 great accomplishments (actually 3) today. 

         1.     Completing my pretty little bag.

         2.     I've uploaded pictures and managed to write in's actually quite easy isn't it?

         3.     I also managed to begin a 2011 Finishes list on my blog (quite an achievement for an IT        illiterate) which now has 2 entries underneath.

Feeling pretty chuffed :)


Vicki said...

Well done, Anne. A posting, a beautiful bag AND you got your background as well :) Excellent work!

Christine said...

Love your bag, Anne ... beautiful fabrics. The blog is looking good too. See you soon.

De said...

Very cute bag Anne! And I love your blog - great taste **giggle** (mine is the same)

quiltjude said...

gorgeous bag, love the bow

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