Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Off Monday :)

It's 'Day Off Monday' and a chilly one at that.  Kids are at school, husband at work and the house is soooooo peaceful.  Unfortunately I do need to go out this morning, but the positive of that will be having lunch with my Shaz after the morning is out of the way.

Have accomplished quite a bit this weekend - cleaned, baked, washed, ironed etc and also found some time to do some stitching.  Here is a photo of what this looked like last week.........tadaaaaaaa......

And this is what it looks like now.........

Hmmmm, thats not the way it was facing when I took the piccy :).  Still need to sew the binding on the needle case and of course finish the large stitchery and make the bag.......not long now though :

Also managed to begin....wait for it........and finish........ two tiny projects for our Material Girls birthday gal's.......can't upload piccys of those until next week though in case they just happen to peek.....Yes Christine and Vicki....they would be you:)

So on that note I should hop off the computer and get a wriggle on as its 9:20 and I have to be where I am going at 10:00am....ooops.

To all those that read.....have a lovely day/week......until next time xoxoxoxox

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craft Deprived

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks.  Last week was getting back to the routine of lunch boxes, packing school bags and 3 sleepy Little Me's not appreciating the rude awakening at 6.30am for school.....I was late for work by a few minutes only once, so quite an achievement.  Then of course at the end of the day it's homework, reading, listening to the days events and trying to get the 3 Little Me's into bed early enough for them not to be so sleepy the next day......roll on end of Term One!!!

Stitching has been a little neglected these last few days - enjoyed our first Material Girls of the year last Monday night and it was lovely to catch up with those who were able to attend.....missed the girls and their pretty projects.  The only thing I have managed is to drop a few stitches into a small piece of fabric when I've been able to grab a few minutes from the craziness of return to school and the long stretch of my three week roster.  Worked this weekend, so next weekend is my three day luxury...and the blessing in all of that - on the Monday the 3 Little Me's are at school - finally a day to myself....woooohoooooo :)

Next post will definately have a photo or two of some projects - finished or not.  Hope all who read this are happy and well.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

One More Day

Well it's Thursday evening and only one more day until........the weekend!  Wooooohoooooo!  Have had an incredibly 'slack' week thus far.....traced off a stitchery pattern which still yet to is to have it's first stitch stitched - (spending waaaaaaay too much time on the net exploring Blogland).  My excuse is .........wait for is only my 2nd week back at work and a tad too brain strained ......add to that, 3 Little Me's to organise for back to school next week.  Does that reasoning have any credibility?  :)  It has been way more enjoyable cruising the world wide web in a vegetated mode looking at other ladies absolutely awesome creations.  I've been viewing the most beautiful blogs, clicking on 'buttons' (adding them to mine) and finding some amazingly talented and generous ladies out there!  Can't wait to get back in front of my little Janome this weekend (in between haircuts, surf lessons, uniform hemming (super ugh), groceries, baking, chores and whatever else my 3 Little Me's need).  Next of WIP or WIP's .....unfortunately fairly confident it won't be a Finish......but then again, one never knows.  In the meantime have a luuuuuverllllly weekend everyone xoxox