Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Off Monday :)

It's 'Day Off Monday' and a chilly one at that.  Kids are at school, husband at work and the house is soooooo peaceful.  Unfortunately I do need to go out this morning, but the positive of that will be having lunch with my Shaz after the morning is out of the way.

Have accomplished quite a bit this weekend - cleaned, baked, washed, ironed etc and also found some time to do some stitching.  Here is a photo of what this looked like last week.........tadaaaaaaa......

And this is what it looks like now.........

Hmmmm, thats not the way it was facing when I took the piccy :).  Still need to sew the binding on the needle case and of course finish the large stitchery and make the bag.......not long now though :

Also managed to begin....wait for it........and finish........ two tiny projects for our Material Girls birthday gal's.......can't upload piccys of those until next week though in case they just happen to peek.....Yes Christine and Vicki....they would be you:)

So on that note I should hop off the computer and get a wriggle on as its 9:20 and I have to be where I am going at 10:00am....ooops.

To all those that read.....have a lovely day/week......until next time xoxoxoxox


Val said...

The stitchery on the needle case is a nice touch. I love the colour of the fabric you made the needle case out of. The bag looks cute. Ric rac is so versatile. Glad to hear you had a lovely Monday.

Annie said...

Thanks Val - fair to say binding is now handstitched...only thing I wouldn't do again is I used wisp o weft on the back of the needlecase stitchery so now I can't make it fray. Must remember next time to cut it to size of the actual stitchery to allow for fraying. When I first started quilting I only liked true country colours - now my taste in palettes is certainly embracing way more lovely colours. Had a lovely Monday :)

Anonymous said...

Anne your site is beautiful and it looks like you are getting heaps done. I should be slowing down a bit after this week so hopefully will get to stitch again. Have a wonderful new light now so should be able to finish some started x stitch projects I hope. Will have to start myself a blog and maybe you can keep on encouraging me. Its great to see your work in progress.
Have a great week.....I'm stocktaking.....the first one I am in charge of.....hope it goes ok. Kathy

Nellie put the kettle on said...

Hi Annie, just dropped in to say hi, I too am a local (burnie) and am amazed how many local bloggers I seem to come accross. I love the bag, the stitching is gorgeous
love Lynnelle

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