Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, I have been quite busy - although not busy in a crafting kind of way :(  I have family coming from N.Z. for 3 weeks and have turned the granny flat into some real accommodation....that was a task and a half - but a good task!  Unfortunately my quite organised sewing cupboard is no longer - have stuffed fabric (and other bits and pieces) in there everywhere - hopefully they won't open the doors to have a peek at whats inside...or maybe I'll just fess up when I show them their bedroom - that may save them from being buried alive in the avalanche that is bound to happen if the wardrobe door is not opened in a very specific, careful manner.

I have been checking out all of the OPAM ladies blogs with my 'night night' cup of tea the last couple of evenings - a very pleasant way to end the day.  Sooooo many clever ladies out there.

I did last week get myself a very special little pressie........

Some really yummy fabrics from Whimsicals called Tangled Threads.  The fabric in the foreground is actually a really pretty kinda muddy green, but not really muddy.........

And its still not the right colour in this one either.......drat, stupid phone camera.  It's absolutely gorgeous fabric - a lovely bundle of fat 1/8th's, 2 metres of the blue for border, the lovely red and green (yes, it truly is green) is for inner borders and the fabric right at the back (which in real life looks like it's been aged in patches with parisienne) is for some stitchery. 

It has lovely little sewing machines over some of the pieces (this photo is the green fabric also grrrrrr), lovely quilting words and primitive looking buttons.......Just love it!
Only one problem now.......I have to find just the right project for it.  Thats OK though, because at the moment I still get immense please from picking it up, turning it over, running my fingers over it and playing the 'touchy feely' game with it.  Such simple pleasures.

I've also surprised myself and found another range of pretty fabrics that again the colourway's aren't what I would necessarily gravitate towards.....must be old age - but Blackbird Designs Beach House, or Lake House or something Watery House is fairly yummy........I think I can feel another treat in store - or the mailbox :)

So on that note, I'll now go boil the kettle for my evening cuppa, check out a couple more blogs and mosey off to bed.  Hugs Everyone xoxoxox


Val said...

Hi Annie, I just love those fabrics. The muted colours are my favourites. The border pattern is very cute with the birds and jumping sheep. You could put a stripe on the end of a bed pillowslip and use it all the time.

Nellie put the kettle on said...

hi Annie, just popped over from kathy's new blog. Don't you just love it when the postie brings parcels! Fabrics look lovely. it's a good way to buy a collection like that, I'm hopeless at picking out a variety of colours to match, I often look at quilts and think to myself how good the colours all work together and yet wouldn't pick them out indvidually. Look forward to seeing what you make.

quiltjude said...

I love your material, can't wait to see the project when you get around to it. :)

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