Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need to Get a Wriggle On

Just a super quick post - rellies have arrived safely and settled in.  Just realised today is the 12th (actually in 1 hour and 10 mins it will be the 13th - arrrrrrgh) and I am not even close to a finish for the month.  Two more days off before returning to work, so am just going to have to get something happening.  All positive comments and words of encouragement appreciated!!!!!

Hope all you ladies are well....enjoy the long weekend. xoxoxo


Val said...

Just go with the flow. Spend some time with the rellies. Maybe they can provide some inspiration.

Annie said...

Thanks Val - love your encouragement xox

Sarah said...

Hey Annie! Thanks for stopping by my blog fellow Tassie gal! I was going to send you a reply by email but you are set to no-reply.
So, get a wriggle on, stop dreaming away and get something stitched. That motivation enough lol! I tend to have a spurt of tracing, so then I have something to pick up and stitch at night while watching tv.
x Sarah
PS: LOVE that Tangled Threads fabric myself!

Val said...

Hi Annie, I have just realized that my replies to your comments on my blog have gone astray because you are a noreply blogger. Sarah picked it up straight away. If you would like people to reply to your comments just edit your profile and tick the "show my email" box.

Annie said...

Aha - thanks is done :)

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