Monday, March 21, 2011

No Mondayitis for Annie today

Well, my alarm has just gone (6:00am) off telling me it's the beginning of the new working week.....but today I had 'payback' (in a very warped sense) on the alarm.  You see, I had already been up an hour and a half......hubby's alarm awakens us at 5:45am, but I was up at 4:40am (woke from one of those bizzare dreams that never lets you go back to sleep, or if you do the dream continues) - soooooo, to cut a long story short (and ensure no continuation of the bizarre saga) I jumped out of bed, had my morning coffee, showered, organised school lunches and thennnn.......stitched for a whole hour.  It was luuuuverllllly.  Quiet and still, a little drizzle on the colourbond for company added to by the purring cat and an extremely happy golden retriever cosy in her bed watching me with faithful eyes.  What a life!  The only downside, I could possibly be wanting to have a little granny nap after lunch at First Aid training today......hope nobody thinks I've passed away and substitutes me for the CPR dummy.....or if they do, I hope he's cute.....Happy Monday Blogging Friends :)


Val said...

Wow, you sound full of life today. The dog and cat probably love having you to themselves for a while and you still haven't told us what is on your stitchery. I hope you are planning to show a picture soon and not make us wait til you have finished.

Vicki said...

You make me laugh, Anne. Thank you :)

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