Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost an Achievement

It's Saturday night, 10:40pm and I am pooped.....but had to 'blog' to 'brag' before bed!  I have - wait for it - traced 8 of 12 (thats more than half) blocks for a cute little stitchery quilt.  Yaay!!!  I'm thinking I will have to finish my thingo that is on a tube that you roll your blocks up in real soon (yes I know it has a name, just can't quite put my finger on that at the moment) - only need to bind and glue and make the covers for the end - then at least, I shall have 1 OPAM finish for Feb.....not that good an average huh?  Think next month I shall make a block keeper bookie thingo (yes, I know - that probably has a name too) to store my stitchery blocks in.  Enough procrastinating - time to sleep and for Annie to Dream.  Night Lovely Ladies :)


Val said...

That's a great achievement. Well done. Why don't you whip up a pot holder to get your average up then settle back to make the block keeper. I like the idea of a block keeper. Might make one myself.

Vicki said...

I'll try again! I think we called them block keeper roll and just a block keeper. You have been a busy girl!

Roseanne said...

That is so funny you sound like me when I don't now the name of thing. Thank for clearing that up for us Vicki.

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