Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Hi Everyone,

I have been such a slacko when it comes to blog posts.  Have become a regular stalker of several awesome ladies, but for myself .....posting mojo definately depleted.

However.....yesterday I had an amazing parcel arrive in the mail and today I must give the the provider of these awesome goodies the acknowledgement she so rightly deserves.......yes Nomes.....that would be you.

I have singed up to a Christmas Swap.  The guidelines of this swap were/are: 

Make a Santa Sack and send it with 2 wrapped pressies (not to be opened until Christmas Morning).  Then each month, 2 more goodies should be posted to our partners (or some of us...3 months at once) and in December we add something Christmassy that takes a little more effort to organise.......easy peasy hey? 

So, a couple of months ago, my first parcel arrived from the wonderful Naomi

Naomi listed 2 of her likes as being Owls and the colour Purple..........

Then yesterday my big parcel came (Nomes is now in front by a month) which looks a little like this:

Doesn't it look pretty......with Nome's trademark......purple and owls........

Now, some of you may be thinking......haaaaaang on a minute.....if the pressies are not to be opened until Christmas, why do we see some goodies clearly on show?

That would be because the wonderful Naomi popped 2 pressies in my Christmas card that I was allowed to open yesterday.....just to tantalise (or perhaps torture).
I am now the proud owner of a lovely silver beaded and owled bookmark and a cute little owl keyring.....I think I'll use him as a scissor fob :)

Thanks Naomi, sigh.........still such a long time to wait for opening day.

Here is my santa sack I sent to Naomi....I had lots of fun making it and I know she loved it.

Have to go and collect a child......quickly......hope all are well who read my post...have a great weekend everyone xoxoxoxox


Beeshebags said...

Glad you liked the bookmark and keyring...great idea about using it as a scissor fob....I'll get to go (in spirit) to all your craft group sessions with you!

Do you know how hard it is to not boast on my blog about what's in those pressies???? IT'S KILLING ME! lol

If you're lucky, I'll forget I'm a month ahead and will re-send 2 more for October...hee hee hee "extra torment" might be headed your way.

Must put pics of my gorgeous sack up...I've been so slack about that....sorry hun, I really do love it though....everyone's going to be jealous when I put my tree up this year....that in itself is unusual as I haven't put it up for a few years now! (Bah Humbug!)

Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

lovely xmas bags,it will be great xmas morning.

Make handmade said...

So cute Chrismas quilt! i love your work. thanks for sharing.

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