Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Jenny of Elefantz has a great giveaway - click on the button below and join in the fun :)

Can't figure out how to get the link on the piccy....try this instead...
Seriously need a blogging lesson!!!!  Good luck in the competition!


Beeshebags said...

Hi there get the link behind the pic or clickable on the pic, when you're writing the post, click on the photo and look for the link button which is the paper clip looking thing with a green world. You'll need to copy the link you want to insert onto the pic before doing the above though! When you click on the hyperlink button, a small window will pop up which will have a box you can add the link into. Make sure the http:// that's in the box is highlighted before you paste your link into it. Paste the link and click ok and Voila, you will have added a link onto the pic. Hugs Naomi

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