Friday, April 22, 2011


Darn Star of Hope blocks and their silly little points!!!  Couldn't possibly be my inaccuracy.

More later if I don't have a mammoth meltdown!


Val said...

No melt downs allowed. Just have a hot cross bun and a good cup of tea. Happy Easter.

Vicki said...

Hang in there, Anne. It will be worth it in the end!! Yep, a hot cross bun and a good cuppa water sounds like a much better option than a melt down xxxx

Val said...

Hi Annie, Hope your star quilt hasn't got the better of you. Hope you had some nice time off over Ester. Cheers, Val

Crafty Chookie said...

Hello Annie,
I saw your name on Kris from 'tag along teddies' blog and thought I'd drop in.
Anything with a point is very fustrating but well worth it in the end..Good luck..
Hugs Michelle.. (craftychookie)

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