Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ok, Here I am.............

A very special someone said to me the other day - and I quote - "I've been looking at your blog and there's not a lot going on......" - well - just a little quick post to say I am still in the land of the living, continuing with a little hand stitching of an evening and hopefully - no, lets make that definately - will load a piccy of a finish on Tuesday (day off for working the weekend).  It may be a slight little 'cheat finish' - like a UFO from last year that only needs 3 tiny tasks to complete - but it still counts :)

So, to all my lovely blogging friends......have a wonderful Sunday and see you all Tuesday xoxoxox

P.S. - is there a limit on how many piccy's to a post......have bought some yummy fabrics - lots to show..............................haven't I Christine? I'll see you Wednesday! xoxox


Val said...

Hi Annie, Glad to see some life in your blog :)
Can't wait to see some of your materials. You must have bought way too many though if you think they won't fit in one post :D

Roseanne said...

I will keep my eye open to see your work in progress and your materials.

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