Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Little Later Than Tuesday

Lots to tell but where to start? Firstly, here are some piccys of my latest acquisitions.

 I did purchase some of this range and posted a photo a few weeks ago, so this is more to add to it..(I promise, its not the same photo), however I'm wondering if what I purchased it for is what I will actually use it on...........decisions, decisions.

To add to that, I now the proud owner of some lovely Wild Rose fabrics.....had thought I would attempt the Homespun BOM, however, it looks to be a project for someone who is very diligent with lots of time.  I unfortunately am defunct in both those areas.....and if I don't see finishes, I get quite disheartened and add another UFO to my growing collection.  The right project will come along soon enough - that also gives me more time to add to the collection bit by bit - definatley need some of the blues.  I've always been a bit of a 'rich country' colours girl, but my tastes are certainly changing.....I would never have bought these fabrics a year or two ago.  It's good :)

Also have a lovely Christmas pattern - my phone doesn't take very good detailed photo's, but it consists of 3 lovely little Christmas stitcheries made into a lovely wall hanging.  Prairie Points on the bottom with cute little rusty bells hanging from each one.  Love the fabrics I have to make it out of.

Add to my purchases, not 1, nor 2 or 3 or even 4 but 5 metres of fabric of different shades for stitchery backgrounds....have enough for the remainder of my life now methinks.  Did take a photo, but it looks pretty boring - we'll just have to wait until I paint pretty pictures with needle and thread to make it look gorgeous.

Add to that I have joined a Christmas swap - first month is to send a santa sack along with 2 little pressies, then each month 2 more little gifts which when received must be placed unopened within the sack (will need to hand to husband to stash for me) and left there until Christmas morning.......its going to be fun!  The items don't have to be all Christmas either, so have a large scope to play with.  My swap lady has very different tastes to myself.  This is good, if I have to play around with fabrics I wouldn't ordinarly choose for myself I may broaden my likes even more - nothing quite like stepping outside the comfort zone.

Mammoth meltdown in last post was averted by having a few days off from silly starts and their silly points - not really, do love star blocks.  Headed back to my shed (aka granny flat) and got stuck into them again today.  Have only 1 complete, but started a production chain today and am around a third of the way through another 6.  This will be a 'days off only' project as the poor old eyes are not what they used to be (now thats an admission) and I found that proper daylight helps me line those seams up a lot easier.  Will upload pictures next post and get some advice from you wonderfully talented ladies on how I should join these together.

Well, on that note I must go and rest the weary body - it's almost midnight.  Kids back to school tomorrow, I have a day off and an evening with the Material Girls.  Life is good - so blessed!!!



Val said...

Your fabrics are beautiful. I love all those tones of colours. They look very classy. The Christmas swap sounds like fun. Bit hard to put all the gifts in the sack til Christmas. I have just ordered 18 pieces 1/2 yd cut for a Pumpkin Patch pattern called Nanna's Farm. It has lots of applique which I love doing. Good luck with your stars.

Fiona said...

Sounds like you got a few stars done then. And all of that fabric yumminess. I have some Wild Rose stashed away for a rainy day too - very nice fabric.

Hugs - Fee XX

Roseanne said...

Your fabric and your pattern is very nice. I love the wild rose fabric.

Cheryll said...

Lots of lovely fabric to play with... and a Christmas pattern thrown in... you must be in Heaven! :)

Val said...

I am having a little giveaway. Why don't you drop by and enter.

Beeshebags said...

I'm happy to encourage you out of your safety zone hun....I'm happy to lead anyone astray....anytime! You'll have to let me know hubby's name so I can send the packages to him every month....and he can stash them without you seeing them....does he have a santa suit??? lol Hugs Naomi

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