Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing Since May 1st

Goodness, that must be a record - there is no way I could possibly have been quiet for this long...May 1 - thats like 2 and a bit months ago.  Keep this up and its going to be a very long time until my 200th post giveaway :)

Well, firstly it is winter.....however, about a month ago we had beautiful weather up here on the coast, so myself, hubby, kids, grandie and dog decided to head for the beach......this is how they amused themselves once we got there.  Yes, the girls do pick on the boy!!!!  This technically is winter, so really - who needs to move to the Gold Coast?  Not us Taswegians!!!

 Aha, now you are thinking I have managed many many many finishes over the last couple of months - well, yes I have several, but not this many.  I was priveleged enough to be invited to join a Co-op named Creative Hands in Burnie which opened 2 weeks ago.  There are several very talented people (and woo-hoo, I am considered 1 of, headswell, wow) who are creating all sorts of lovely handmade items which are now on sale in a gorgeous little shop located in Mount St (almost opposite Target) up a little laneway beside the Baptist church.    It's all very exciting.  There is something in there for everyone.......
 Lots of brights for adults and kidlets
 More feminine, girly, country stuff..........
Shabby....ish.......................and I am really bad, I forgot to turn around and take piccy's of the beautiful handmade tiled mirrors, painted tiles,painted pots, knitting (for littlies to biggilies) - cardi's, jumpers, booties, beanies, mittens!  There is also some beautiful timbercrafted items....clocks crafted from timber burls, turned biro's from gorgeous Tassie timbers.  I shall go in next week and photograph the remaining side of the shop - how could I have not done that? Maybe because I am the sticky note queen, and hadn't sticky noted the camera!!!!

The best part of the Co-op is all profits made after 12 months less operating expenses will be donated to a charity of choice by the members.  So come on my Blogging Buddies - spread the word and if you are looking for that special gift for a special someone...........I'm sure we will have something!

Now for my finishes - well, I do have some, but I haven't photographed them...I do believe if you zoom on the picture above, you may see some....peek a boo a couple of tablerunners, fabric notebooks and a Santa Sack swap I am in......which I'll blog later today with a sent and received piccy.....Until then.........xoxoxoxox


Kathy said...

Great to see you are still about, the shop looks terrific. I saw the sign out the other day but didn't get to have a look.

Christine said...

Hi Annie. Nice to see you in blogland. The new shop looks lovely. Will have to go over for a look soon. See you on the 29th.

Val said...

Good to hear/read your news. The coop shop seems like a great venture. It looks lovely in the photos. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your projects.

Sarah F said...

Hey Annie!
the shop looks great and congrats for being apart of it!
Grandie? your not a Nan are you?
x Sarah
PS: Have to post weird... Wont let me any other way! Darn blogger!

Val said...

Hi Annie, How goes the sewing?

Jo in TAS said...

I'll have to get upto Burnie for a look in the shop! Well Done!

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