Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution

Happy New Year (for tomorrow of course).....

I haven't made a resolution for quite some years (that I've been able to achieve that is), but I believe this year I should and I can!!!

This year shall be about me........... (well, as much as a working Mum with 4 other loved members in the immediate family can pull off)....

This year I shall make myself some gorgeous items (as opposed to procrastinating or becoming sidetracked).  I shall also blog about abovementioned gorgeous items including pictures so each of my blogging buddies can also appreciate with me the gorgeous items I shall create.  And of course, by sharing more I can then absorb the encouraging comments that are left for me which will motivate me to organise my time better and keep going!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!

Blogging is great - although I don't post a lot, I have my favourite sites that I follow (aka stalk) and I am continually blown away by the close friendships that have grown and are maintained in cyberspace - people who genuinely care for and are interested in each other's lives - quite often people who have never met in the flesh, yet offer encouragement and support when needed and share celebrations when good things happen!!!!

So, thats my physical challenge - I do also have a character building resolution.....methinks one I should keep to myself for now - hopefully (definately) by the end of 2012 I can share my personal growth and you can all celebrate the good things that have happened with me.....I shall journal this progression in a beautifully covered book that will be made this weekend while I have 4 days off......picture following :)

Have a safe New Years Eve everyone - may 2012 bring abundance, blessings and much happiness to each of my readers and your families.

Hmmmmmm, so what fabric's shall I start with....................?



Sarah said...

Hey there Annie! Sounds like a plan to me! I will nag you about it too. Ask my SIL about me nagging.... Apparently I am good at it lol!
You should be able to produce the book with 4 days off.... :+)
Wishing you and your family a wonderfully happy, healthy, wealthy and creative (of course) 2012!
Catch up soon x
x sarah

Beeshebags said...

Happy New Year babe, hope your last pressie arrives soon....starting to get worried that it's been lost......please let me know when it arrives. Hugs Nomesie xxxx

Val said...

Good on you Annie. Love your resolutions. Though giving yourself four days to make a journal cover is a bit generous...just kidding :D
Happy New Year!

Broward County Jail said...

My New Year's resolution is to blog more.

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Happy New Year and hope we could make our New Year's Resolution come true.

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