Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

2nd January 2012 - and I have two finishes - wooooohoooo - (and pictures also).......

Firstly, this one should have been finished before December 25 - yes, too much procrastinating :)  So instead of displaying it proudly I'll have to pack it away in the Christmas box until next year.......
It's a really cute design from.............bother, can't remember (and the pattern is in the granny flat)....I will find out tomorrow and add it to my post.

My next finish is related to my last post - I have a nice journal cover encompassing a book of currently empty the end of the year it will be full of events from this year.....
It's made from a yummy Whimsicals fabric (must be quite an old range as I've had this piece of fabric for a few years now just waiting for the right project.  I'm currently nuts about ric rac, so of course it had to have some....a yummy button (I think its bamboo), some cute little charms attached to the little leather ties, and a leather bookmark with a little heart charm attached (yes, cut that one off in the photo) looks a little crooked on the bottom but nothing that won't come out with a good press....was a tad too excited to be bragging blogging already :)

My handsome husband just asked me if my blogging ''rules'' are the same as the fishing blog....what would that rule be?...."If theres no pictures it didn't happen" honey - blogging ladies don't need rules - just someone to chat to!

Time to go journal!



Christine said...

Looking good Annie. Love your Christmas runner .. they look like Nat Bird stitcheries.

Sarah said...

Wel, well! What do we have here?! Some finishes and NO nagging from me. WooHoo! Go girl! They both look great! The little stitchery table runner looks like a natalie Bird design.

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